SoyaScan, a computerized bibliographic database, is the world’s most comprehensive source of information on all aspects of soy. This database is not yet available online. However, for a detailed look at the contents, click “Search Database Keywords” on our home page. Developed by Soyinfo Center starting in 1985, records and summaries are added one at a time.

Basic statistics: SoyaScan database now contains 111,000+ records from 1100 B.C. to the present. More than 88.9% of all SoyaScan records have a summary / abstract averaging 187 words in length.

Four types of records: SoyaScan contains:
(1) Published documents: 94,670+ records
(2) Commercial soy products: 16,700+ records.
(3) Original interviews and overviews: 6,340+ records
(4) Unpublished archival documents: 8,450+ records

Many early / historical records
  • No. of records for soy documents published before 1900: 4,670+
  • No. of records for soy documents published 1900-1923: 8,640+
  • No. of records for documents published before 1970: 53,150 (48% of total)

Areas of greatest strength: History of soy (all aspects), soyfoods, soybean utilization, industrial uses (non-food, non-feed), industry and market statistics (historical), nutrition, marketing, technology.

Books published from SoyaScan database: 120 major books in the series Bibliographies and Source-books on Soy have been published from this database and are now available.

Based on historical principles: Using the SoyaScan database you will be able to trace any important subject or idea back to its source. To really understand any subject, you must understand its history. We find great satisfaction in knowing the origins, development, and history of things. This design feature can save PhD candidates years in their review of the literature for a thesis.

To order a search of this database: Simply contact Soyinfo Center by phone (925-283-2991) and discuss with our specialists the information you need. We will help you define and refine your search. Then we will send you a printed report. The price depends on the number and type of records you order.

the Book of Tofu

the Book of Miso

the Book of Tempeh

Top Soybean Plant
Photo By Mark L. Tucker