Introduction: A list of keywords or subject headings such as this is known technically as a thesaurus. This is an introduction to the thesaurus for the SoyaScan database, created one record at a time by Soyinfo Center starting in 1985.

Keywords, also widely called subject headings, are a “controlled vocabulary.” You must chose from a given list – as in a dropdown menu. The Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) is an authoritative list that is widely used in the United States by book catalogers in libraries.

In the body of the Thesaurus, the subject headings and cross references are listed alphabetically.

Cross References: The first entry, "Aburagé,” is a cross reference. For information about this subject (a food), see "Tofu, Fried.”

Main Entries: Look down several lines at the entry “Adhesives or Glues for Plywood.” This is called a “main entry.” Notice the record count and date of earliest record: At the time this thesaurus was compiled, the SoyaScan database contained 405 records on this subject from the year 1911 to the present.

Geographical Information: Nations, States, Provinces or Territories: Every record in the SoyaScan database must have at least one geographical keyword / subject heading - including a nation/country. Most USA and Canadian records also contain a state or province keyword. All nations are listed after the continent or region (the Broader Term) to which they belong.

Categories or Groups of Keywords: Listed here alphabetically – Bibliographies, etymology, health foods, history, industrial uses (non-food, non-feed), meat alternatives, medical aspects, natural foods, nutrition, organizations, industry and market statistics, pioneers (individuals, organizations, and movements), protein sources (alternative), rice, seed companies, Seventh-day Adventists, soybean crushers, soybean production, soybean seeds, soybean varieties, soyfoods, soyfoods companies, soyfoods movement, soymilk companies, soynut, soy protein, tofu companies, vegetarian, world.

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