Contact information:

Soyinfo Center

P.O. Box 234

Lafayette, CA 94549        (in California, USA)

Phone: 925-283-2991

Mission: To be the world's leading source of information about soyfoods and utilization of soybeans in both printed and electronic database formats.

Founding: In October 1972 William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi began full-time research on soyfoods in Japan while writing The Book of Tofu. In August 1976 they founded Soyinfo Center (named Soyfoods Center until 2006) in California. A 4-page chronology of Soyinfo Center's activities is available under "About Us" at "Timelines".

Book in Print: Sixty-six books on soyfoods and soybeans by Shurtleff and Aoyagi are presently in print. These include three popular books, market studies, histories, and 50 comprehensive bibliographies. A catalog of these books is available under "Historical Bibliographies" (free, online) and under "Our Books" (for sale).

Book Sales: These books have sold more than 826,300 copies. Our best-selling book is The Book of Tofu.

SoyaScan Database: SoyaScan is the world's most comprehensive computerized database on soybeans and soyfoods. As of January 2010 it contains more than 87,000 records from 1100 B.C. to the present. These include four basic types of records providing detailed information on: 73,000+ published documents, 15,400+ commercial soy products, 5,800+ original interviews and overviews, and 6,000+ unpublished archival documents. These records are unique, and have been added one at a time over many years; none have been downloaded from other databases. A Thesaurus of our database is available.

Focus of SoyaScan Database: In descending order of importance: Soybean utilization (for both food and industrial uses), history, market statistics, processing, nutrition, technology, marketing, and soybean production (agriculture).

How to Use the SoyaScan Database: This database is very easy to use. You do not need a computer or any special skills. Simply call the Soyinfo Center (925-283-2991) and discuss the information you need with our specialists. We search for the information you need on our computer then send you an easy-to-read, printed report. SoyaScan is updated daily.

Research Library: The Soyinfo Center Library owns about 78,000 documents**, almost all of which have a record in the SoyaScan database. This library is available for use by researchers with an appointment.

Consulting Services: William Shurtleff has been serving as a consultant to the soyfoods industry for more than 20 years. He probably has more personal contacts in this field, worldwide, than anyone else in the world. He has helped to start many new companies and launch new products.