History of Teriyaki (1833-2022)

William Shurtleff, Akiko AoyagiISBN: 978-1-948436-80-9

Publication Date: 2022 July 29

Number of References in Bibliography: 480

Earliest Reference: 1833

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Brief Chronology/Timeline of Teriyaki

1813 – The earliest known document that mentions teriyaki is Shijûhachi Kuse (Forty-eight habits) written by Shikitei Sanba in Japanese.

1889 Dec. 8 – The earliest known English-language document that mentions teriyaki is an article by Frederick Stearns titled “A Japanese dinner,” which appeared in the Detroit Free Press on page 16. It refers to Salmon teriyaki.

1898 – The earliest known English-language book that mentions teriyaki is An Unabridged Japanese-English Dictionary compiled by Frank Brinkley et al. and published in Tokyo by Sanseido. It states: “Teriyaki: Flesh of fish baked with a kind of sauce composed of soy, mirin, and sugar.” Thus, the two earliest English-language documents say that fish is the basis for teriyaki.

1965 – The earliest known commercial teriyaki sauce is Diamond Teriyaki Sauce made by Honolulu Sake Brewery & Ice Co., Ltd. and launched this year.

The 2nd earliest was La Choy Teriyaki Sauce, launched in 1966 by La Choy Food Products of Archbold, Ohio.

The 3rd earliest was Kikkoman Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce. It was widely promoted. However, note that Kikkoman is presenting Teriyaki Sauce as an Hawaiian product, whereas it really is a Japanese product – originating in Japan.

Click here to download the full text to open and read book History of Teriyaki (1833-2022)