Opening Up New Opportunities in the Growing World of Soyfoods and Vegetarianism

Soyfoods Consulting Services (SCS), founded by William Shurtleff in 1976, specializes in consulting related to all aspects of soyfoods and vegetarianism.

Areas of Expertise. (1) The soyfoods industry and market worldwide. (2) Individual soyfoods: Our greatest expertise and experience is with tofu and tofu products, soymilk, soy ice creams, tempeh, miso, edamamé, soynuts, soy sprouts, soy sauce, whole soy flour, and cereal-soy blends, in that order. (3) Vegetarianism: All aspects, including documentation and history. The types of consulting we do relating to these areas are described below.

William Shurtleff, founder and present Director of Soyfoods Center, is the author or compiler of 62 books on soyfoods and soybeans (including three popular books, four technical manuals, and 38 comprehensive bibliographies), which have sold about 750,000 copies. Four of these books are about soymik. Since the mid-1970s, he has been at the center of the rapidly expanding new soyfoods industry in the Western world. A graduate of Stanford University with degrees in Industrial Engineering and Honors Humanities, he has been a vegetarian since 1968, has been doing soyfoods research since October 1972, and consulting work since 1976. He has many clients worldwide. Author of Soyfoods Industry and Market: Directory and Databook (5 editions), he has an extensive knowledge of the soyfoods industry in the U.S. and around the world, combined with detailed, professional expertise in a broad range of problems related to soyfoods. He speaks fluent Japanese (having studied soyfoods for seven years in Japan) plus good German and French.

Basic Types of Consulting. (1) Starting a new soyfoods company; (2) Expanding an existing company; (3) Developing and launching new products; (4) Integrating soyfoods into an existing product line or into a vegetarian diet; (5) Entering a new market, both domestic or foreign; (6) Modernizing a national soyfoods industry, such as soymilk in China; (7) Starting a new soyfoods industry, as in Nigeria; (8) Ongoing exclusive consulting relationships.

Resources. (1) SoyaScan computerized database, the world's largest on soy, contains details on over 61,5000 soy-related publications and products from 1100 B.C. to the present; (2) Soyfoods Center Library of 50,000 documents; (4) Soyfoods Directory and Mailing List Database of 17,300 names.VegeScan computerized database contains over 5,400 publications on vegetarianism;

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