Publications on Tempeh Available from Soyinfo Center

1. Tempeh and Tempeh Products - Bibliography and Sourcebook 1815 to 1993: Detailed information on 616 published documents (extensively annotated bibliography), 423 commercial tempeh products, 216 original interviews (many full text) and overviews, and 247 unpublished and archival documents. This is the most comprehensive bibliography ever published on tempeh. It is also the single most current and useful source of information on this subject available today, since 79 percent of all records contain a summary/abstract averaging 125 words in length.

        This is one of more than 40 books soybeans and soyfoods being compiled by William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi, and published by the Soyfoods Center. It is based on historical principles, listing all known documents and commercial products in chronological order. It features: 35 different document types, both published and unpublished. Every known publication on the subject in every language - including 175 in Japanese, 140 in Indonesian, 96 in German, 68 in Dutch, etc. 216 original Soyfoods Center interviews and overviews never before published. Thus, it is a powerful tool for understanding the development of the tempeh and related products from their earliest beginnings to the present, worldwide.

        The book also includes details on 423 commercial tempeh products, including the product name, date of introduction, manufacturer's name, address and phone number, and (in many cases) ingredients, weight, packaging and price, storage requirements, nutritional composition, and a description of the label. Sources of additional information on each product (such as advertisements, articles, patents, etc.) are also given.

        Details on how to use the bibliography, a complete subject and geographical index, an author/company index, and a bibliometric analysis of the composition of the book (by language, document type, year, leading countries, states, and related subjects) are also included. Original titles of all non-English language publications are given along with an English translation.

        Published: June 1993. Pages: 435. Comb bound. $109.00, plus postage

2. The Book of Tempeh. 2nd Edition. Ten Speed Press. Our basic popular book on tempeh. Extensively revised and updated since the original first edition. For a detailed description of the contents, see the Soyfoods Center catalog of publications. Published 2001. Pages: 175. Trade paperback. Price: $19.95 plus postage.

3. The Book of Tempeh, Professional Edition. Contains extensive information on the Microbiology and Chemistry of Tempeh Fermentation, Tempeh in Indonesia, etc. 88 additional pages and 54 additional illustrations not found in our basic Book of Tempeh. Published: 1979. Pages: 248. Comb bound photocopy of original edition. Price: $62.00 plus postage.


4. Tempeh Production. How to start and run a tempeh shop/company on any of seven scales from a community shop up to a modern factory. Published: 1980. Pages: 176. Comb bound. Price: $39.95 plus postage.

5. History of Tempeh. Covers the history worldwide from ancient times to 1984. Contains lots of valuable information not found in any of our other tempeh books, including the exciting new developments with tempeh in Japan. Published: 1984. Pages: 81. Comb bound. Price: $24.95 plus postage.

6. Marketing Tempeh and Tempeh Products. A collection of labels, ads, posters and other graphics relating to tempeh and tempeh second generation products. Published: 1988. Pages: 175+. Comb bound. Price: $70.00 plus postage


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